It is Time to Join! We are Starting! We’ve Gone Virtual!

A message from our President, Terry Anderson

2020! The year where everything is different! If life gives you scraps, make quilts!! I am sure every Guild member has heard that message before. It works for us, and what beautiful scrap quilts we make!

What we don’t have right now, and perhaps won’t have for some time, is a safe way for all of us to be together, face to face, in one room. As president, I really miss seeing everyone. So, we will do the next best thing. We are going to have all our upcoming meetings on Zoom.

The Twilight Quilters’ Guild is doing everything in their power to keep the guild going and reach as many members as possible. Think of all the positives as you join us from the comfort of your own home with no night time driving and you don’t have to get dressed below your camera angle!

The programs this year are fabulous! And we have a great Zoom committee ready to help you connect on Zoom! If you’re still not comfortable doing it on your own, what about a Zoom Buddy? With the proper health precautions, two members could be together and attend the meeting either on a shared device or using an extra one. Let us know if this would work for you and we will try and set you up with a buddy if you need one.

Have you tried one of our Zoom sessions? Sometimes, it is tricky to get your device set up with audio and video. In August we are having Zoom Sit and Sew sessions every week. Every time, someone has an Eureka moment! They got on and they saw their Quilty friends!

Stay connected! Join the fun on Zoom meetings and Virtual Sit and Sews. If you can’t do zoom, we are also having a fun Block of the month too. The blocks will be posted on the guild website after each meeting. Be sure to check it out at
Let’s keep the gang together!  Terry

Colleen Homme is all set up to take your $35 membership fee by e-transfer or by cheque made out to Twilight Quilters’ Guild. For e-transfer, use the guild financial email address Please make your security question “What is our President’s first name?” And TerryA as the answer. Please include your name. So far, 15 members have paid. If Colleen has your money by 9 pm on Monday, August 31, you will be entered into a draw for a $20 gift certificate at Cherished Pieces.

Click here to see our speakers for the coming year! We have a great variety of Canadians coming to us!

Don’t forget we are having Zoom Sit and Sews every Monday in August. Here is the schedule and the Zoom meeting link. We had 12 members at our session this Monday night.
Monday, August 24, 1 pm – 3 pm
Monday, August 31, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
You were sent a Zoom link for these sit and sews early in August. Email if you would like to receive a Zoom meeting invitation.

We hope to see all our old Quilty friends and some new ones, soon!!