Our 2019 retreat was a resounding success! Unfortunately, Campfire Circle, formerly known as Camp Trillium, was closed for all of 2020 and 2021 because of the pandemic. And when they reviewed their costs, they realised they needed to put their prices quite significantly. Out of reach of some of our members. So, we are now booked for Friday, October 21 and Saturday, October 22, 2022 for 2 days of sewing at the Vittoria Community Centre! We will all be ready for a weekend sewing with friends by then! Details will follow in August!

Here are the details from our November 2019 Camp Trillium Retreat!

Friday, November 1 from 1pm until Sunday, November 3 at 3pm The best place to see photos of Camp Trillium is on our website, on our Retreat Page! We have a number of lessons and activities planned, or you can sew all day and night! It is your retreat!

We will be sleeping in the cabins, 2-3 people per room with 3 rooms in each cabin. Lower bunks only! Full washroom facilities in each cabin. Fully heated! You need to bring your own bedding and towels. Including a mattress pad and a quilt!

We have 40 quilters and we will all have our own big table, with power coming from the ceiling. The room is quite bright but you can bring a sewing lamp if you use one. There will be 4 ironing stations but feel free to bring a travel iron for your table. The swivel rolling chairs are awesome!

There is a lounge right by the sewing area. Be sure to bring some hand sewing for when you want a break. And a notepad for all the tips and tricks you will learn from the other quilters. I have a box started with things to bring to the retreat. Go over the packing list and start putting things in the box now, so you won’t forget anything. A small bowl to make a magnetic pin bowl, your name tag, your library card, a power bar if you are bringing an iron and a light, your Epipen. Things like that! Put your names on your tools! Lots of our tools are the same as our neighbours.

All meals are home cooked and they can cater to most allergies and food sensitivities. Our menu is:
Friday afternoon snack. Muffins
Friday dinner. Chicken Souvlaki with pitas, homemade tzatziki and Greek salad
Saturday breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, toasted bagels with cream cheese and jam, fresh fruit, yogurt and cereal
Saturday lunch. 2 Soups, with Rainbow salad and assorted wraps
Saturday afternoon snack Muffins
Saturday dinner. Vegetable and meat lasagna with garlic rolls and Rainbow salad
Sunday breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, toasted bagels with cream cheese and jam, fresh fruit, yogurt and cereal
Sunday lunch. Chilli and Cobb Salad with homemade corn muffins

Coffee and tea are always available and there is a frig where you can keep your special foods. Please, NO PEANUTS or shellfish! Our only restriction. Responsible alcohol use permitted. And there is wifi throughout all the buildings!

There is lots of room at the camp and we can spread out in the various buildings and sitting rooms. We will have an area set up in the dining room with tables together so you can easily baste your quilts. We are bringing pool noodles to make sandwiching easier! There is wifi throughout the camp so be sure to bring your tablets and phones. We will have our new projector there and will be demonstrating lots of things.

We are having Russell Carroll from Norwich set up on Saturday to do sewing machine maintenance and scissor sharpening. A sewing machine clean, oil, tension and timing check would be $125. Repairs available if needed. Scissor and pinking shears would be $8 each. I am planning on sewing on my smaller workshop machine and bringing my big machine in for cleaning. It will be one more thing to lug to camp, but it will save me having to take my machine somewhere, do without it for a week and go back for it! Perfect! We are taking appointments for this service.

Quilt Junction is just down the road. And campers will have a 20% off coupon for the whole weekend. I have my eye on some Tilda fabric for my Brimfield English Paper Piecing project!

The Retreat Program committee is Patti M, Donna P, Vicki M. Jill J, Terry A and Stephanie S. Contact them if you have any questions or suggestions.


We are having a retreat at Camp Trillium, Rainbow Lake from Friday, November 1, 2019 until Sunday, November 3. Camp Trillium is a lovely facility and it seems to be tailor-made for quilting retreats. The big photo below is our sewing room and all 50 quilters will have their own table with drop down from the ceiling power cords! There will always be coffee and tea available in the dining room and there are multiple seating areas for some hand sewing with your new friends.

We will be sleeping in cabins but no one is expected to sleep on the top bunks! The cabins are fully heated and there are full bathrooms and powder rooms in each cabin. We will need to bring our own bedding and towels.


The retreat will start Friday after lunch and will go until Sunday afternoon. Almost 3 full days and night to sew! And learn! And have fun! There is room for 50 sewers to each have their own table, with drop-down power cords coming from the ceiling.

The meals are all cooked on site from scratch and include 3 meals and snacks each day. They can cater to most food allergies and intolerances. We will publish the menu before the retreat and you are welcome to bring your own food if menu items don’t suit you. You can bring your own snacks except absolutely no peanuts!

$200  Balance due at the September meeting. For insurance purposes, the retreat is only open to guild members. But non-members just pay $35 for a membership and they get to come to all our meetings next year! Several members are bringing their sisters!

To see all the photos and general camp details, check here

It will be too cold for swimming in the pond but we can hike around the property, scout for the beavers and have a campfire if the weather is suitable.

The retreat planning committee members are Vicki M, Patti M, Donna P, Terry A, Jill J and Stephanie S. Please contact them if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.