Are you Ready for the Retreat?

Our first virtual Midwinter Sew-tist Retreat starts tomorrow! Saturday, January 30 and Sunday, January 31 starting at 9 am and going until everyone is too tired to be online! There are early birds and I’m sure there are night owls out there! There are 8 great gift certificate draws spread out over the 2 days, but you must be there at the draw time to win!

Here is the Zoom link, our regular Sit and sew link. We are going to be using breakout rooms for several things. If you have the latest version of the Zoom app, you have more control over the breakout rooms. You can choose which room you want to go into, for example. If you are using a tablet or iPad, hopefully you have it set to automatically update apps. My iPad is using version 5.4.10. If you have a laptop, you can check for updates by hovering over the “” at the very top left corner. Select “Check for Updates” in the drop down menu. My Mac is using version 5.4.9. If you are not using an app and just Zooming through your browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) you are updated. And if you don’t understand this, don’t worry. We can put in the breakout room for the Retreat bag and the Foundation Paper Piecing and you can leave on your own when you want.

One last reminder! Have your power cord handy. You won’t be able to play all day on one charge! See you soon!