Bill Stearman – May 10

Bill is a storyteller and once he discovered quilting 7 years ago, he had a new voice! Fabrics and carefully placed stitches express joy, anguish, hope, gratitude, and love, providing glimpses into deep and important stories; stories that matter on personal and social levels. His quilts make bold statements and provoke thoughtful consideration of a variety of issues. “With the help of about 20 of my quilts, I’ll tell their stories… my stories. I doubt that these quilts, and their stories, will remind you of your Grandmother’s quilts.”

Bill will be sharing his newest “Backpack Show” with us, highlighting the social justice issues that are so important to him and many of us. There will be tears! Find out the story behind this newest quilt. As an educator in his previous career, Bill can teach us many things.

You can find more of Bill’s work on his website, Facebook and Instagram.

Our meetings start at 7pm and guests are always welcome. Follow the directions here to pay your $5 guest fee.