Check Out Our Library!

It is now possible to check out our library books! We have retrieved them from Old Windham Church and our great collection is at Karen Johnstone’s home, easily located between Simcoe and Vittoria. You can see our catalogue on LibraryThing here!

The library opens in a list view. To see the great covers, you need to click on Covers, circled on the top left. If you want to search our library, be sure to be in the “Search this Library” box circled on the right, not the “Search site” box right above it! There are several pages of books, depending on your device.

If you would like to request a book, email your request to TQG is run by volunteers, so please allow us time to respond to your email.

Karen Johnstone, our librarian, will let you know when the book will be ready for pickup, and her address. The books will be in a box at the end of her driveway for pickup and return! You can also ask Karen for a selection of books on a particular technique or category. Books may be taken out for 1 month. We also have a child’s sunhat template to loan.

We have some money in the budget this year for new books, so please send your requests on to Karen! Do you have any great books you would like to give to the library? Email Karen! Let’s share our quilting knowledge!

We also have a PDF list of books for those who prefer that format.