Fidget Quilt Update

Here is an update from Monica Thompkins who is coordinating this community sewing project!

“We are meeting at the Port Dover Library on Sunday, September 19th at 9am to sew Fidget quilts. I have put together some supplies, but I ask that you bring the background fabric, enough for a 9 block fidget quilt. I started out with 10 inch blocks and trimmed down to 9-ish inches. My fidget quilt ended up being 27 x 28 inches. It’s a generous size. If you wish to iron on a stabilizer to the background fabric you will not need a batting. The stabilizer and flannel back seems to be enough.  If you do not have stabilizer then a batting is recommended to support the trinkets we are sewing on. 

We still have 3 more spots available for anyone who would like to come (and is double vaccinated)! Janice Youngson, Diane Luke and Nancy Racz have all donated supplies like some flannel backing and trinkets for the fidgets.

In our quest to find out the needs in the community, we were also asked to make some lap/wheelchair quilts for the local long term care homes. We hopefully will be meeting at the library in October to make up some of these lap quilts. I Googled wheelchair quilts and they seem to run about 30-36 x 36-40 inches. You don’t want wheelchair quilts too wide as they can mess up the wheels. Throw quilts can be any size!

If you would like to join us on September 19th, please email We will let you know the October date in a bit. If you have a quilt in your stash that seems about the right size, please consider donating. They seem quick and easy to do. We can do it! Let’s support these homes that do not regularly get donations.  

We are also looking for some patterns for adult bibs!

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to sewing together on September 19th. Monica”