Sylvia Schaefer – Flying Parrot Quilts – November 8, 2021

Sylvia Schaefer has been quilting since 2007. Her quilts have a very modern vibe and she is the author of “The Quilter’s Negative Space Handbook”. Her Presentation is “Quilts from Science”. Sylvia earned a PhD in marine science before moving into quilting full-time. Inspiration is everywhere and Sylvia draws on her background in science to come up with science-inspired quilt designs, ranging from the purely visual like chemistry glassware on the lab shelves to actual scientific ideas like ocean circulation or the colours of light emitted by stars. She studied marine science, so there will plenty of oceanography-inspired quilts, plus astronomy, chemistry, biology, and more. And we will hear about her parrots!

You can find out more about Sylvia on her website, Flying Parrot Quilts and on Instagram and Facebook.

Sylvia does not allow guest passes to her lectures, so if you are interested, you can still buy a guild membership. It is only $35 for the remaining 8 meetings plus our retreats, and BOMs. Details can be found here!

Please don’t leave your Show and Tell photos until the last day, Sunday, November 7th. We had 40+ last month and members really do like to see what you have been sewing! You can see them all after the meeting on our Twilight Facebook page! So please send them along to any time now!