Indwell – Dogwood Suites in Simcoe – What They’re Doing and How We’re Helping

Indwell started in the mid-seventies with one family, opening one bedroom, to someone coming out of hospital, who would otherwise have been homeless. Since then, it has grown to provide affordable housing and support to individuals in Hamilton, Woodstock, London, and Simcoe (Hambleton Hall). New buildings are coming in St Thomas, Chatham, Kitchener and Mississauga, and right here in Simcoe on Norfolk Street.

Indwell’s Dogwood Suites is brand new, with 51 apartments, built on the site of the Norfolk Inn in downtown Simcoe. Opening is expected in mid-May 2022. Staff will be on site during the day, providing support for mental health, addiction, and housing. A nurse will be available part time. 

They will have some programming to help build community among the tenants, so they get to know their neighbours and feel a part of the community. Weekly coffee time, hot lunch once a month and other things like book club or walking club will be offered depending on what the tenants would like to see happen.  

People grow in their wellness by having affordable, secure housing. They are able to look after all areas of their life when they know their housing is secure and they can afford to buy food and provide for their other needs. Residents have the chance to change their lives. That bodes well for them, their families and our community!

Quilts for the Residents!

Nothing will make the residents more welcome than a quilt of their own. We’ve been asked by Indwell to make twin or double size quilts to warm the hearts of people trying to change their lives for the better. Nothing is better than the hug of a quilt!

So, it’s time to get out that stash and create…or check your quilt closet and see if there is one you’re willing to share. Please call Diane Luke or email to arrange pickup. The plan was to get as many quilts as possible by April 1, prior to the opening. Residents will start registering in April and they get to select their own quilt But if you haven’t started…don’t worry…we’ll continue to take quilts after that date. Quilts will be labeled as a donation from the Twilight Quilters’ of Norfolk County.

Barn Quilt

And…check out the building design photo above. The architect added a barn quilt she designed, reflecting the dogwood of the Norfolk County insignia. Indwell asked if we could make a replica of that design for the entrance hall. Absolutely! Nancy Racz and Diane Luke put together the quilt top, with design help from Jane Ryder. Currently Sarah Yetman is doing the long arming…check out her progress on Facebook or Instagram – Spooled Rotten Quilts. Ida Misner will be attaching the binding and hanging sleeve.

We are so excited to see this project come to fruition. The new construction, with caring staff, helping people change their lives is such a massive 180 degree change from the building that existed three years ago.  This is a huge improvement for the community, and the downtown but most importantly, for those people who want to improve their lives and health, and just needed some help and a safe space. A big win/win! 😊 Check out Indwell at