New AccuQuilt Dies at the Library

There are new AccuQuilt dies and mats at the Maker Space at the Simcoe Branch of the Norfolk County Public Library! The complete list is below and you can download it here!

The library has the 12” Qube which cuts all the components for 6” and 12” finished blocks. All the HSTs and Quarter Squares making up all the traditional blocks. And companion blocks like the chisel (think stitch and flip corner on a rectangle) and the very popular Drunkard’s Path! The newest shapes are at the bottom and include “hard to cut accurately shapes” like clamshells, small hexagons and equilateral triangles for EPP, an apple core and the orange peel, Peter to Pay Paul.

At the Simcoe Branch of the library, you must ask at the main desk to use the AccuQuilt cutter in the Maker Space. You’ll need a library card. The cutter is on the counter, and the dies and mats are in the cupboard. There is room to use a cutting mat and your rotary cutter, but it is easier to pre-cut your fabric strips at home. This second file, The NCPL AccuQuilt Cutting Reference Guide, will help you decide how wide to cut your strips for most efficient and least wasteful cutting. It’s essential to have the crosswise or lengthwise grain aligned properly. If you are making a big quilt, test a few blocks first! 

You can cut 6 layers of quilting cotton at a time and if lots of sections are not cutting, look for a cutting mat that isn’t so used. The dies don’t get dull but the mats do wear out! Take a small pair of scissors to trim your cut pieces. 

If you’d like to make a speedy 6” HST quilt, you can find a tutorial here! If you want to find all this AccuQuilt information in a few months, use the search bar on the right side of the website. Search “AccuQuilt”!

If you would like an easy way to find out the pre-cutting directions for one of the dies you have at home, find the die on the Accuquilt website and click the “Details” section, underneath the photos. You may also take one of your dies to the library to use the electric cutter. Just bring a mat if it is a non-standard size.