Berene Campbell – March 13

There has been a change and Berene Campbell of Happy Sew Lucky will be speaking to us on March 13. If you recognise that name, it is because Berene was behind the Mini Mod block swap we did a couple years ago!

Berene is a modern quilt designer, speaker and community project instigator. (Here is a great article about Berene’s community projects.) Her quilting and sewing patterns feature inspiring messages of positivity and hope, with the goal of making the world a kinder and more peaceful place. A “collective energy” enthusiast, Berene uses quilting to corral fellow creatives to work together for change. These projects include collaborative community installations, fundraisers for social justice causes, and the Handmade Collective Awards – a bursary fund set up for the maker community to fund awards for BIPOC and 2SLGBTQ+ students. In her talk Berene encourages leaning into discomfort and tells the story of how her work has evolved by embracing the emotional ride that the past few years have been for us all.

To quote Berene from her website:
“Quilts hold the spirit of their makers, and the secrets of their thoughts pondered while stitching. They are beautiful treasures that provide us with warmth & comfort, but they can do more for us if we so choose. Quilts can be posters for our ideas, messengers of our messages, and uniters of our communities. They hold great power.”

You can learn more about Berene on her blog, Instagram and YouTube! See you at 7 pm on Monday, March 13th. New members may join for the rest of the year (through June) for only $17.50.

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