April 10: TQG Member Spotlight: Beyond Quilting

On April 10, two accomplished stitchers will share their journey “Beyond Quilting”. Members Jan Grincevicius and Melanie Douglas will show examples of where their sewing has taken them.

Melanie began making bags about 7 years ago after seeing a beautiful cork bag Sarah Yetman had made. A Necessary Clutch Wallet class at Heirloom Treasures in St. George started her on this path. This wallet was way above her skill level at the time and she couldn’t see continuing. However, with excellent guidance and resolve, she has become a bag maker, feeling confident in tackling most patterns. Melanie will show you her successes and an abject failure! Many members learned to make the Emmaline Retreat Bag with Melanie, at a virtual retreat. Melanie has found that the quilting skills of piecing and following directions mean that most quilters can also make bags.

Jan Grincevicius has been drawn to quilt and fibre art because of the tactile nature of cloth, its texture and colour. Working with fibre, whether it be cotton, silk, wool or manmade, has always been a part of her life. She enjoys using many different fibres, including cotton, silk, velvet, wool, organza, netting, polyester, paper, yarn, embroidery thread, paint, dye, and other mixed media.

Jan often embellishes pieces with embroidery floss, beads, buttons, and wool yarns; and creates collages using fabric, paper and paint. While her work has mostly been two-dimensional, she has ventured into some three-dimensional pieces, such as vessels. Jan’s presentation will include four projects, all of which use fabric and collage techniques. Using photographs, Jan will demonstrate how each piece was made.

Do you have any Beyond Quilting photos for Show and Tell? Please send them by Sunday, 6 pm to TwilightSimcoe@gmail.com!