Ice Dyeing Workshop – Monday, August 9

Summer is the perfect time to learn how to ice dye cotton fabrics with Procion MX dyes. The melting ice cubes give you amazing colour effects, with no effort other than sprinkling! 

This workshop will be held on outside on Monday, August 9 at Karen Johnstone’s home between Simcoe and Vittoria. Stephanie Sinden will be teaching us the basics of dyeing cotton with these dyes. She will supply the dyes and the fixer. You will supply your fabrics, a container and your ice! Stephanie has worked out a method that just uses household items but will allow you to take your dyeing setup, with the melting ice cubes, home safely!

The workshop will be from 6:30-8:30 pm and the $20 materials fee and is payable that night. Karen has space for 10-12 members.  

Below on the left is the dyeing setup. You’ll have to look closely to see the melting ice cubes! The right is the washed quilt backing. Can you see the diagonal seam?

This technique works well for both large and small pieces of fabric. It works really well for a whole quilt backing, especially if you seam the piece ahead of time. But you can also use yardage, fat quarters or other items like napkins and t-shirts. You can use 100% cotton or other cellulose fibres like rayon or linen. White fabrics are best but it can be any light colour. Flannel dyes well for backings. It does NOT have to be Prepared for Dyeing (PFD) fabric. You need to wash any item(s) you wish to dye in hot soapy water before dyeing. 

If you are interested, please send an email to ASAP. If you have any questions, also email. 

A detailed workshop supply list will be sent once you register. But the basics are above!

Partial Seams and the Dreaded Y-Seams

This information was shared by Diane Crothers as part of the Lightbulb Night program in October 2018.

The Learn How to Quilt website has a very good video about sewing partial seams.

For sewing Y-seams, The Fat Quarter Shop has an excellent video by Edyta Sitar. Edyta doesn’t even mark her stopping points, but you can. Using your quilting ruler mark the 1/4” intersections as you see in the image below.

Featured Library Books

Hello, it’s Karen, your librarian. I hope everyone is finding time for quilting this summer.  The library is available to anyone who would like to pick up a few books. I have a box at the end of my driveway for easy pickup and drop off.

Several of the books featured below were written by quilters who spoke to us in the last few years, either at Twilight or at the day guild, the NCQG. Or are coming up! And others are always inspiring! Our library a great resource!

WALKING FOOT DESIGNS and EDGE TO EDGE QUILTING DESIGNS, written by Melissa Marginet. She kicked off our September Zoom meeting last year and recently taught a workshop for the day guild.

MODERN QUILTING by Jacquie Gering is a great resource for improvisational quilts and you may remember she held several great workshops for us a few years back. She is going to be the September speaker for NCQG and there may be a spot left in her Walking Foot Workshop.

ADDING LAYERS by Kathy Doughty is a great experimentation book on textiles, tools and techniques.  If you love colour you will enjoy this book.

Tula Pink’s books, QUILTS FROM THE HOUSE OF TULA PINK and 100 MODERN QUILT BLOCKS are sure to inspire.

HERITAGE QUILTS by Kaffe Fassett is a fabulous book with his take on glorious quilts from past. His book has 20 quilt pattern .

SUNDAY MORNING QUILTS: 16 Modern Scrap Projects by Cheryl Arikson shows us how to use every last bit of our treasured fabrics.

Lastly, for anyone thinking about getting started on Christmas projects, there is SIMPLY MODERN CHRISTMAS by Cindy Lamon. 

A detailed post on how to check out books, as well as the Library Thing list and a PDF of our library books can be found here! If you’d like to borrow a book(s) email your request to If you have a suggestion for a book you’d like to have in the library, email and I’ll add it to our list to be discussed at a future executive meeting. We have an increased budget for books this year ! 

Enjoy the rest of the summer! Karen 

How to Fix Bleeding in a Finished Quilt

This information was shared by Vicki Harris as part of the Lightbulb Night program in October 2018.

The key to removing unwanted colour from your quilt is to use lots of hot water, a dish detergent and long 12-hour soaks. Your bathtub is the perfect place! You want all the excess dye molecules to float into the water. Repeat the process until the rinse water is completely clear.

Vicki Welsh’s “Test Subject” Quilt

Vicki at Colorways by Vicki Welsh has been dyeing fabrics for more than 20 years and sells them on her website. She knows what she is talking about when it comes to fabrics bleeding. You can see her test results and download her recommendations on her website.

Pool Noodle Spray Quilt Sandwiching

This information was shared by Stephanie Sinden as part of the Lightbulb Night program in October 2018.

If you Google “pool noodle quilt sandwich” you will find many links.

Screenshot from Melanie Ham’s YouTube Tutorial

Melanie Ham uses 1”x 2” boards from the lumber yard. I have a set of those in my garage that I use for wider quilts. You can use masking tape to attach the fabric to the wood or just start off carefully. Melanie demos her technique with safety pins in this YouTube video.

There is a video on Kenneth Hamburg’s YouTube channel, though the woman on the video is not Kenneth, we can’t find her name. Since she is from the UK, she uses the terms wadding for the batting and topper for the top. The video demo of pool noodle basting is nice and short.

Sharon of Serendipity in Quilting & Other Things has a photo tutorial that explains the rolling a little better on her blog.

This is my technique:

With your backing wrong side up on your flat surface, you will roll your backing onto the noodle, pinning with small-headed pins, so that the right side of the fabric is on the outside. It doesn’t matter how you roll the batting. Roll the top so that the wrong side is on the outside. Start pinning in the centre and then smooth it out so it is taut and even as you go outwards. You should only need to pin the fabric to the noodle once at the very beginning. Be sure to roll the fabric onto the roll perfectly straight. If it angles, it can cause problems.

Place your backing on your table so that the fabric rolls smoothly off of the noodle. You want the backing to be flat on the table. You don’t want a “waterfall” like you use for toilet paper.

Unroll about a foot, smooth it out and spray lightly with your basting spray. I use 505 Spray and it is widely available. Now place the batting noodle at the top of the backing. Centre it and roll it out, smoothing out any wrinkles. Basting spray is repositionable so you can lift it up and try again, even several times. you can even reroll it back onto the noodle. Some quilters like to use a quilting ruler to smooth things out. I mostly just use my hands.

At this point, you might want to unroll a few feet of both without spraying just to see that you have rolled everything straightly. And you can decide whether to baste the whole length of the batting onto the backing or start the top now. There are advantages to both.

If you complete the batting first, you could then roll both layers onto the noodle and repeat the step above, or you can leave your two layers flat on your table, hanging over the side.

If you are trying to match up a seam line on the backing with seams on the top, then work with all three layers at a time. Unroll the bottom one about a foot, spray and roll the batting out over that area, spray it and then roll down the top. You can mark the top of the batting if you need exact matching.

You can’t see where the spray is but if you try to roll the noodle back up, it will stick where the spray is.

If you can’t find pool noodles in the winter, you can also look for foam pipe insulation at the building stores. If you can only find one or two, you can still make it work. It really is pretty easy. Try it using a crib quilt; the first few times, I had to rewatch the video, but now I can do without looking!

Check Out Our Library!

It is now possible to check out our library books! We have retrieved them from Old Windham Church and our great collection is at Karen Johnstone’s home, easily located between Simcoe and Vittoria. You can see our catalogue on LibraryThing here!

The library opens in a list view. To see the great covers, you need to click on Covers, circled on the top left. If you want to search our library, be sure to be in the “Search this Library” box circled on the right, not the “Search site” box right above it! There are several pages of books, depending on your device.

If you would like to request a book, email your request to TQG is run by volunteers, so please allow us time to respond to your email.

Karen Johnstone, our librarian, will let you know when the book will be ready for pickup, and her address. The books will be in a box at the end of her driveway for pickup and return! You can also ask Karen for a selection of books on a particular technique or category. Books may be taken out for 1 month. We also have a child’s sunhat template to loan.

We have some money in the budget this year for new books, so please send your requests on to Karen! Do you have any great books you would like to give to the library? Email Karen! Let’s share our quilting knowledge!

We also have a PDF list of books for those who prefer that format.

First Notes – A Summer Sew Along

First Notes is the name of the first Quilt Concert Series Quilt being done by @lovinglylissa and @cassandra.beaver Several members of our Twilight guild are doing this as an informal summer sew along. Will you join us? It is open to everyone and the weekly instructions are free, for 1 week. You can find all about it here! If you are planning on doing this, please save them each week. Once new instructions are up, the past ones are available for $2 per week.

This week the directions are for cutting all the fabrics. You can download the cutting directions here! Yikes! Do you do that? You are committed then! Please share your thoughts on cutting out a quilt all at once or one block at a time on our Instagram or Twilight Quilters’ Guild Facebook posts! 

You can see some alternate colourways if you scroll through the Instagram hashtag #quiltconcert2021. This one is pretty bright!

Denise Eighteen is going to be sharing her blocks with us each week.


Circle of Geese – June ModBOM

Our last month! And it is Foundation Paper Piecing. Are you a whiz at it now? If you need help, please reach out to us. It’s a great skill and not something to be afraid of. But it might take a few times before you become confident. Remember, it is your quilt, and you can change up the blocks if you want! There are tons of 12.5” unfinished block directions out there and you can substitute any block you want.

You can find this month’s PDF here and a couple alternate layouts below. Sandra’s block instructions can be found here! We will show some alternate layouts at our meeting. Below, you will find links to some articles about alternate layouts.

This article by Polka Dot Chair has 2 easy layouts. There are some interesting layouts here! Have you ever thought about putting sashing on just 2 sides of each block. Learn more here.

Be sure to use the Instagram hashtag #tqgmodernbom. We will have a special show and tell of your finished quilts in September.

Thanks again to Sandra Croley for her instructions each month on her blog.

Ana Buzzalino – June 14th

Please join us on June 14th when our guest is Ana Buzzalino from Calgary! Guests are always welcome. Please book your virtual seat no later than 6 p.m. on Sunday, June 13. Find out how to sign up and pay your guest fee ($10).

Ana’s work focuses on Art Quilting, incorporating different elements of surface design. She uses fabric painting, mono-printing, screen printing and embroidery techniques. She works mostly with her own artist hand dyed and designed fabrics. She has been teaching quilting since 1986. From traditional techniques such as free motion quilting and New York Beauties block to art techniques. She’s a frequent contributor to Quilting Arts magazine and to A Needle Pulling Thread. She has been published in many more magazines and she’s also appeared on Quilting Arts TV. 

You can read more about Ana at and follow her on Instagram

More on Bill Stearman

What a great presentation last night. You can find more of Bill’s work on his website, Facebook and Instagram. Bill has been interviewed on a couple podcasts. Brandy of “Quilter on Fire” had him for episode 5. Scroll down the listing to find it. Brandy taught us her Colourways workshop this winter and we are having her as a speaker next year. She has a great variety quilters on her weekly podcast. I bet you will learn something every episode!

Bill was also interviewed by his friend Jeff Rutherford on his “Quilting Stories” podcast and you can listen to that episode here!

Bill has been inspired by Chawne Kimber and her social justice messages in her sometimes controversial quilts. She is very active on Instagram. Here is an interview with Chawne.

Our next speaker, on June 14th, is Ana Buzzalino. Details coming soon.

Our Lockdown UFO Challenge was so successful that we are going to do it again this month! Take a photo of a languishing project, complete at least a quilt top and send both photos in for show and tell next month. All show and tell photos should be emailed to by the Sunday before the meeting please.