May Meeting Links

Did you enjoy our meeting with Bethany Garner? Wasn’t she an inspiration? You can read more about her on her blog and follow her on Facebook as Lise Garner. You can find out more about SAQA, the Studio Art Quilt Associates here. Were you inspired by the small art quilts Bethany brought? I heard a few people mention that they would be interested in a 12”x12” mini-quilt group. Who is interested? Please let your executive or program committee know if you are!

We had 2 days of workshops with Bethany. If you check the TQG Facebook page you can see some photos. Workshop attendees, please bring a couple of your favourite pieces to our June meeting to show and tell. Will anyone have a finished project? While we can’t duplicate Bethany’s workshops and her great instruction, we can set up a dyeing and/or a gelatin plate printing session if more people are interested. I am attaching the handout where you will find basic instructions for using Procion MX dyes.

Special thanks go again to Terry Anderson for having Bethany stay at her house. If we had not had a volunteer for billeting Bethany, our workshops would have lost money. Or we would not have been able to supply the gelatin plates for such a low cost. Thanks to Nancy for her plastic sheets for the tables. I plan to use mine again. And thanks to Jill for making the gelatin plates and for proofreading everything that goes out to you!

The next Joy of Stitching is Monday, June 3 at Joy’s Bakery in Simcoe. For those who have never come before, it is a get-together to do some hand stitching (fabric or yarn) for a couple hours, with coffee or tea and some treats, for $5. Starts at 6:30. It is a great way to get to know other members. More and more attendees are working on English Paper Piecing!

Our June 10th meeting is our Strawberry Social and Yard Sale. For $5 you can have your own 1/2 table. 7 tables are spoken for and if you are interested please let us know before the meeting so we can set up a table for you. If you don’t want your own table, how about doing some housecleaning in your sewing area and donating items you don’t love anymore to the guild table. Cheryl Arkison has a blog post on Marie Kondo-ing your sewing room here. If you have firm thoughts on what price your items need to fetch, please price them.

Do you have a Kaffe Fasset project to show at our June meeting? I am hoping to get my quilt sandwich made this weekend. There will be at least one prize!

The library has bought new AccuQuilt Dies for the MakerSpace in Simcoe. They include: Equilateral Triangle 4.5”, Strip Cutter – Can cut 1 each of 1’, 1.5” and 2”  (Great for scraps!), Apple Core 6.25”, Clamshell 8”, Square Multi 4.5” – Cuts 4 4.5” squares with no waste

Bev also bought new mats. If you are cutting and find threads that don’t cut, or the mat looks really beat up and you are not getting perfect cuts, you should look for a new mat. If you don’t see one, please ask the library staff for one.

The new AccuQuilt die that cuts 1 each of 1’. 1.5” and 2” unfinished strips would be very useful for making quilts like Bethany’s.