Bethany Garner Workshops

Our May speaker was Bethany Garner, an Art quilter and teacher from the Kingston area. And on the next 2 days, we had workshops with her at the Vittoria District Community Centre. What fun!

Bethany uses all hand dyed fabric in creations. Her colour sense is wonderful. And all the colours go together!3BCB8E14-2E69-49AD-B989-CB509BD7AACC

Here are a few of the quilts she showed.

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On Tuesday, our workshop was Flat Dyeing for Quilting and we learned Bethany’s technique for dyeing a stack of fabrics between layers of plastic. We poured on Procion MX dyes from jugs and squished colour around, experimenting as we went. Just look at that lineup of colour!

On Wednesday, we switched gears completely and used gelatin plates for printing on fabric or paper. The most well known brand of these plates are Gelli Plates. Here is a link to their video on printing on fabrics. We had 17 people in this workshop and we were able to provide a gelatin plate (8’x12″ or 9″x9″) and a brayer for everyone. We bought our gelatin powder at the Bulk Barn with a 50% discount coupon and the glycerin and alcohol in 1L bottles at the pharmacy and used a $1 foam painting roller with a covering of plumbing pipe so the kit cost us about $18 each!

Assembly line production of gelatin plates!


We used both paper and fabric for our printing. Bethany had lots of things to help with adding texture.

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Bethany was a great teacher and teaches many other workshops. Maybe she should come back……….