January FOMO

Did you make a resolution to improve your quilting skills? Well here’s an online QAL that will do just that. You can do it on your own or form a group with friends and do it together. https://www.onwilliamsstreet.com/online-quilting-bee-2020/  Check out @letsquiltalong   or https://southbaybellastudio.com/for lots of other QAL and challenges.

As a quilter, here’s a blog with lots of information to support the victims of the Australian Fires including patterns to buy with a portion of the purchase donated to various charities. https://quietplaydesigns.com/blog/   or @unicornhearts

By using the Weather Network historic data it’s still not too late to start a temperature quilt. Here’s another tutorial. https://www.canuckquilter.com/2020/01/temperature-quilt-2020.html

GREEN is the colour for January for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge on Angela’s Super Scrappy blog.  It is fun to sew your scraps every month! Need some ideas, lots of newly finished quilts at https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/rainbowscrapchallenge2019/

What did you learn from Mary Mckenzie presentation? Her lovely pieces were aspirational, but according to Mary, totally ‘doable’, especially with some of the tools and books she shared with us. Here is one of her favourite books, Quilted Symphony by Gloria Loughman. https://www.amazon.ca/Quilted-Symphony-Fusion-Fabric-Texture/dp/1571206604/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=gloria+loughman&qid=1579049185&sr=8-2

Want to try some curves, here’s a link to a curved ruler at Staples. https://www.staples.ca/products/13328-en-staedtler-mars-flex-curve-24

Mary has taken lots of workshops with varied and interesting teachers including Diane Bergmann, Elaine Quail, Hilary Rice and Helen Fujuki.  So be inspired by Mary and look out your window, go for a walk, and then pick-up a sketch pad and play with some of your fabric and thread!