FOMOs from February, 2020

At the bottom of every email I send there are 3 simple words…Learn Something Today!    Brit Dowson needs no reminder to do that. As she told us of her inspiring creative life, she showed us many examples of her journey in arts and crafts world which  began as a young child and continues to this day. In addition to constantly learning, on her own or taking workshops and classes, Brit also loves to to share and teach others. She embraces textile surface design and uses many techniques in the same piece. 

Here are just a few closeups of her work. Anyone else interested in learning wool circle appliqué and embroidery?

Here is a YouTube video showing Yupo paper and alcohol inks. And here is a link to making fabric with the water soluble Solvy 

Mark down the dates for our next Camp Trillium Retreats. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, October 27-29, 2020 and Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 26-28, 2021. They will follow the same format as this past year and will be about the same cost, $200 for the weekend for our members. 

The Canadian Quilters’ Association is running another sew along this year. This one is based on sewing rows, not blocks. They will post directions for a row every other Tuesday from February 18-June 9. It is designed to use 5 colours but you can do whatever you want. The quilt will be 60” x 80” Find the details here

I also mentioned the Improv Triangles sew along currently running on Instagram with Nicholas Ball. I love his British accent and he will get you sewing improv triangles easily. Here is a link. You can follow him @quiltsfromtheattic and the hashtag is #improvtrianglesewalong