DIY Face Masks

Here is an excellent article, by a scientist, on making your own face masks! They don’t prevent the passage of the virus but they have a role to play. It is a long article but well worth a read. Yesterday, there were lots of patterns and tutorials being circulated. By now, I hope everyone is staying inside their homes, the primary way to stop the spread, but making masks will give us another way to help out with this crisis. Batiks generally have a high thread count so would work well. Maybe flannel on the layer next to the face. If you don’t have thin or round elastic, you can make ties or even use shoelaces for ties. It wasn’t that long ago that masks were all tied on. Here are some links.

From Jenny Doan.

From Diane Luke… Her style was like the one Stephanie had….worked really well…..but she
is going to try it a little wider…..7″”x9″ to get more coverage….. we
found that tying the elastic at the back might work better for some people
than the elastic looped behind the ears….to use it looped it has to be
exactly the right length.

This is the one I did…. OOPS! This link doesn’t link any longer.

From Nancy Racz…..I did one similar to Jenny Doan but quicker. I did use flannel on the inside and it is nice. The cheaper flannalette stretches the thicker one worked great All mine have batik on the outside. If you use ribbon don’t use silky it slides down you hair. Twill tape might work. Thin elastic works great 1/8”, but keep in mind it could contain latex which might be problematic to some.


Please take some photos and tag #twilightquiltersguild so we can all see what you’ve been doing. Stay healthy!