H-N Face Masks

As you know, we are at war with coronavirus. Dr Shanker Nesathuri, the Medical Officer of Health, and Marlene Miranda, the General Manager, Health & Social Services have asked our 2 local quilting guilds to make 500 masks, to be worn under face shields for medical staff.

They are supplying high density microfibre material and ribbon for ties. Kits are being made and sent out to our volunteers. Here is a link to the approved pattern!

It is so important that our paramedics, health unit staff and other have the right protection against infection so we’re happy to help them augment their supplies. Sewing is something we love to do, so why not put our skills to good use for the community during a time of need? We certainly appreciate everyone working to keep our county and country functioning!

Tips for sewing!
1. A new needle helps and you may need a 90/14 to get through all the layers of the pleats. 
2. You may need to use a stiletto or the tip of your seam ripper or your scissors to help push the fabric under the pressure foot. This fabric is stickier that the quilting cotton we are used to. And a “normal” pressure foot, a flat wide one, might help and be easier than our trusty 1/4” foot. 
3. You may want to make one mask fully, and then chain piece the next ones. 
4. It can be tricky to gets the pleats even. You can make a tick mark along the edges every 1” down from the top and then use these marks to make the pleats. Bring 2 up to 1, 4 up to 3 and 6 up to 5. Clip in place and measure to see if it is 3.75”.  We found it easier to use a template of some sort for measuring. Mark your ruler with masking tape at the 3.75” line, or corner pin markers on your ironing board. Adjust the pleats to the measurement. You can also stick a piece of tape over the pleats to hold them in place. Put all your sewing skills to use!
5. Your pleats are quite thick so sew slowly. You may want your walking foot for this part (or for all of it!)

6. This batch of ribbon seems to be fraying so please do a small overhand knot on the ends.