Health Unit Mask Goal

The Health Unit is continuing to field requests for masks.

And they are so grateful that you all have stepped up to volunteer to make masks until they can guarantee supply through their regular channels.

As of today, they are estimating the we need to make a total of 5000 masks.

We knew it would be a long haul. 

Just thinking about our first responders, the people caring for our family and friends in long term care homes, and other medical professionals who are exposed while they do their jobs to keep us safe….that just strengthens our resolve.

So far, we’ve delivered 1100. Between the kits you received two days ago, and the kit you’ll receive today, that will deliver another 1100 masks. So we’re almost halfway there.

And…..good news…..John Ferras of Al’s Shoes just dropped off more shoelaces. I’m expecting we’ll be able to finish the masks using laces – so much easier…and fun.

The Health unit is also expecting a large shipment of fabric… more waiting. So that should allow us to work ahead, and stop doing such quick turnarounds.

If any group is asking you how they can access the masks …I’ve received several calls from nursing homes….tell them to call Shelley Darlington at the Haldimand Norfolk Health Unit on Gilbertson Drive in Simcoe. 

If anyone wants to join us making masks, please contact Jan Grincevicius at

Thanks again – you are the best!
Diane Luke