Are You Ready to Zoom?

Are you ready for virtual quilting meetings? It sure looks like it will be a long time yet before we can meet in person. But virtual get togethers are easy on Zoom! You may already be using Zoom for work, for church, to see the grandkids, to take classes. With Zoom, you would click on the meeting link we send you by email, and then, you can see the computer screen with little video windows for everyone who has joined the meeting. Guilds that jumped on the virtual bandwagon months ago have also been doing virtual meeting, trunk shows, webinars and workshops, studio tours, sew-in days and retreats. All from the safety of home! You still get to sew and visit with your friends.

Here is a YouTube video of a Zoom meeting from the Coastal Quilters’ Guild of California.

To use Zoom, you will need a device and an internet connection. You can use your laptop, or a tablet or a smart phone. You would use the wifi you have set up at home.

Here is a link to a great video on “Connecting to Zoom for the first time!“ I would suggest watching it twice, once to get an overview of it and then once more when you are installing the Zoom app on your device. While it is possible to do meetings on a browser, it is much easier to use the app. Don’t be frightened when it asks you to download or to allow the download. It is completely safe. Zoom has enhanced security and we are using secure meetings. You don’t need to register for a Zoom account, but it is free and you don’t need to give a credit card. You can use your Facebook or Google account to join. (Don’t worry about that SSO thing. Even I had to look that up!” The hardest part of downloading the app from the App Store might be remembering your password!

In order to get you started, we are going to be holding “Learn to Zoom” training sessions. Here are links to the meetings we have set up for the coming week.

Monday, July 6, 10-noon

Monday, July 6, 7-9 pm

Wednesday, July 8, 1-3 pm

Friday, July 10, 10-noon

We will schedule more “Learn to Zoom” meetings the week of July 12th depending on the response and feedback from the first meetings. Our goal is to have everyone ready for our AGM on Monday, July 20th at 7pm. You will even be able to instantly vote on the motions! If you have a non-quilting friend who uses Zoom, they can teach you how to do it.

If you have any questions you can email Stephanie at

If you already know how to Zoom, you don’t need to attend any of these sessions, although maybe you can help other members. Please email Stephanie if you are confident using Zoom already.