Chevrons – November Mod BOM

We have our first foundation paper pieced block this month. Do you avoid FPPing like the plague? Guess what? The plague is here and you can do it!

You can download the PDF and the FPPing templates here. You will notice that there is no little square to check that your printer printed at 100% or Actual size. But there are 2 big rectangles that you can measure! The outside lines should measure 3.5” x 4.5”, the unfinished size of the blocks.

Sandra Croley has detailed instruction for making this block here. Sandra is doing a special blog just for this Block of the Month! Thanks Sandra!

Are you new to Foundation Paper Piecing?

If you are completely new to FPPing, then check out these video tutorials. The first one is from Laura Coia, our speaker tonight! Laura is doing Scrappy Pineapple blocks and that block is way more complicated than our little 3 piece blocks!

Foundation Paper piecing is great for getting precise points on angles that are difficult to piece with traditional methods. But the shapes are often weird triangles and it is very easy to get your piece sewn on and then realize that it is too small. The video and tutorial links below show you how to avoid that! And that is the method Sandra is using.

Mister Domestic has this great video. And if you click on the little down arrow (V) at the bottom right of the screen, there is a link to download the 6” heart that he is using in the tutorial. Or click here for it!

This video by Amanda Rolfe uses a paper tracing wheel to pre-perforate the paper, making it easier to tear off. You can simply fold your paper on the lines. And it shows all the steps nicely. And her Australian accent is fun!

Here is a link to a quick tutorial to Never Tear Out Stitches Again! And another one on Piecing Angles. These are done by popular quilting bloggers and are great references.

Lastly, here are tips. 5 tips here and 3 tips here. Still having trouble after trying this all out yourself? Let us know and we can do a Zoom Sit and Sew on Foundation Paper Piecing!

Once your block is done, please share it on Instagram with the hashtag #tqgmodernbom It’s fun to see everyone’s fabrics and blocks!