Anna Armitage – January 11, 2021

Hi, my name is Anna, I am retired from a corporate life and live in rural Norfolk County, Ontario Canada. I love to make things, and to learn new techniques with different materials, to see an idea or feeling come together into some form or other. I chose fabric and fibre because it is probably the most typical way a woman “of that age” might express herself, but also because of the textural and colourful quality of fabric and fibre, and the opportunity to work on a flat plain but also in three dimensional form.  I’ve learned most of what I know thru books, experimentation, trial and error and recently, through groups I have joined online (Facebook etc). I’ve transitioned from being a traditional quilter to being an art quilter and stitcher, and a wool fibre artist. Now more than ever I work with an emphasis on repurposing and reusing materials, using natural and sustainable materials, like wool, and drawing materials from nature, such as plant based dyes and printing. Nature is a huge inspiration to me as are current events, like this d*** pandemic.

I love that my foundation is in the traditional quilt, but I love more that I can express an idea, concept or emotion in any way I want to. And that I “fit” somewhere in the world. Through groups I am or have been a part of, I have been able to show my work in local galleries, participate in group shows, and soon I will have a piece of my work shown in a magazine for the very first time! (Quilting Arts magazine, Jan/Feb 2021 issue)!

I also have an Instagram account, @annarmitage26.  

Meeting starts at 7 pm. Guests always welcome for $5. Follow the instructions here to purchase your guest pass.