How to send us money!

When you are ready to join the Twilight Quilters’ Guild or if you want to buy a guest pass for a meeting, it is easy to do it with an etransfer! These instructions can always be found under the “Fees” tab at the top.

To pay your membership, guest or workshop fee, please do the following:
1. Send an etransfer through your online banking to Twilight Quilt Guild or
2. Tell us your name, email address and telephone number. We need to be able to send you follow up information 
3. Please tell us if your payment is for membership, guest fees or a workshop, specifying the meeting or the workshop you are interested in

If your online banking does not give you the option to give us the information above, please send an email to with that information.

If you can’t do an e-transfer, please send an email to for cheque mailing instructions. 

Our membership fees are $35 for our year, September to August. Guest fees are generally $10/meeting.