Our 2021-2022 Program Lineup!

September 13, 2021 Karen Brown – Just Get It Done Quilts 
“Be the Best Quilter You Can Be”
October 2,3, 2021Global Quilt Connection All Star Virtual Sampler Platter
October 18, 2021Lana Thomson – Quilt Junction
“My Favourite Things”
November 8, 2021Sylvia Schaefer – Flying Parrot Quilts 
“Science Quilts”
November 13, 2021Seasonal Workshop, taught by members
December 13, 2021Christa Watson – Christa Quilts
“How Do I Quilt That?”
January 10, 2022Shannon Fraser – Shannon Fraser Designs    
“Finding Your Creative Practice Through the 100-Day Project”
January 29, 30, 2022Vice President’s Weekend
February 14, 2022Cheryl Arkison – CherylArkison
“Scraps vs. Scrappy”
March 14, 2022Tamara Serra –Tamara Kate
“For the Love of Colour”
April 11, 2022Brandy Maslowski – Quilter on Fire     
“A Quilter’s Journey”
April 29, 30, May 1, 2022Camp Trillium Retreat
May 9, 2022Candy Grisham – ICandyFiberArt 
“Reimagined Dresdens ”
May 16, 2022Dresden Plate Workshop
June 13, 2022In Person Party 

Click here for a Program PDF you can print!

As we enter another year, where it is still important to be safe and protected from COVID-19, the program for our Twilight Quilters’ Guild will remain in a virtual format. We have made every effort to bring you the best program we can in the comfort of your own home. We have been able to contract speakers from as far away as Missouri and as close to home as Waterford. Each speaker will bring their unique ideas, the use of colour and interesting themes to explore for that special project. We encourage you to join us via Zoom and invite friends you know who quilt to join the Guild to get the best experience possible.

We are thrilled to host Western Canada Quilters Cheryl Arkison and Brandy Maslowki, Shannon Fraser and Tamara Kate from Montreal and Candy Grisham, Sylvia Schaefer and Christa Watson from the USA. Candy will also be running a workshop for us in late May, showing us how to make a reimagined Dresden plate pattern. And we will kick it all off with Ontario’s Karen Brown!

In the program PDF we have provided you with a link to each speaker so you can learn about them before they present. This will give you a taste of what’s to come and whet your appetite. Share this with other quilters to tease them with our program and encourage them to join us.

We have enjoyed putting this program together, bringing you high quality quilt masters with their unique spin on the craft. We look forward to having you join us each month to enjoy this exciting program.

Our membership fee for the year is $35 and our guest fees will generally be $10/meeting. We have several workshops planned and more will probably pop up! We are booked for a Vice President’s weekend at the end of January and a weekend retreat at Camp Trillium the last weekend in April. So, if you see a couple speakers you’d like to see and you’d like to take a workshop or 2, your yearly membership is paid by guest fees.

You can find the instructions for paying your fees here!😢