Shannon Fraser on her 100-Day Project

Looking for ways to develop your quilty creative practice? Shannon Fraser will share how taking on a 100-day project can help you do just that. On Monday, January 10, Shannon will share her first 100-day project experience with members of Twilight Quilters’ Guild. The Zoom doors open at 6:30 p.m. and Shannon’s presentation will begin at 7 p.m.

She will tell us how she picked her topic, how she kept it manageable, the challenges she faced, the quilt she created through the journey and what she learned from sticking with this creative challenge. Shannon will also share tips on how you can successfully navigate this challenge to reap the most of out it and build a lasting creative practice.

Modern quilting is Shannon’s preference, but she also loves learning from traditional techniques and putting her own spin on them. She loves sharing those creations and has discovered designing quilt patterns is her jam! Math and all! Shannon is also a total homebody who loves working from her home studio in Montreal.

After teaching herself to sew a few years ago, she stumbled upon quilting and it was like finding her creative home – and has been hooked ever since!

Shannon is still learning and exploring the craft and creativity of quilting but is happy to share her knowledge, as well as trials and tribulations so we can learn from her mistakes and happy discoveries.

We can see what Shannon is up to over on her Instagram page. When you explore Shannon’s website, you can expect to see modern quilt projects, tutorials to help make quilting easier for you and resources so you don’t have to hunt them down or spend hours searching for the perfect tools – Shannon has done the work for you!

If you aren’t a member yet, follow this link to learn how you can join us to hear Shannon’s presentation.