Scraps vs Scrappy

Cheryl Arkison says, “Far too often I hear people say that they can’t do scrappy because 1. It looks too messy, or 2. They don’t have pretty scraps.”

On Monday, February 14, Cheryl will present a lecture and trunk show to show us all the pleasures of using our scraps. She says that it starts with sorting and storing. Then Cheryl will talk about the difference between a scrap quilt and a scrappy one. That’s right, they are not the same.

When it comes to making I am happy to make what inspires. I am well known for my use of bold colour and the quiet whispers of low volume fabrics but I will use anything in between as well. Use what you love, make what makes you happy. Just get your butt in the seat and sew.

Cheryl Arkison

You can learn more about Cheryl on her website and Instagram.

Learn about how you can join us for Cheryl’s presentation – it’s sure to spark ideas and inspire you!