Kaffe Fassett Challenge

Last September we had a one yard fabric exchange, using Kaffe Fassett fabrics. You can see a YouTube video of the Ripping and Passing exchange idea here. It was a fun activity although a bit chaotic! Many of our members bought their fabrics on our guild bus trip to Quilts at the Creek, at the Hyggeligt booth. And Chantal very generously donated 2 gift certificates for prizes.

After the exchange, members had at least 4 different fabrics, in decreasing lengths and were challenged to make something! No rules. Members who missed the exchange were challenged to make something with some Kaffe fabrics.

We had our show and tell at our June meeting and the projects were amazing. All so different, with many members challenging themselves with new techniques. Several members didn’t like their fabrics or their resulting projects, but others certainly did. A great success I think!

Should we do a challenge next year?

Thank you Diane!

Our wrap up meeting of the year! We had a great night of shopping at our Destash sale, delicious strawberry shortcake and amazing and inspirational Show & Tell including projects from our Kaffe Fasset Rip and Pass challenge. Look below at the beautiful quilt that was gifted to Diane as a thanks for her leadership and fun presidency. The lovely quilt designed, pieced and quilted by Terry Anderson came together with blocks contributed by guild members and help from Nancy and Jill. Diane was pleased! Thanks Diane for a great presidency!

Bethany Garner Workshops

Our May speaker was Bethany Garner, an Art quilter and teacher from the Kingston area. And on the next 2 days, we had workshops with her at the Vittoria District Community Centre. What fun!

Bethany uses all hand dyed fabric in creations. Her colour sense is wonderful. And all the colours go together!3BCB8E14-2E69-49AD-B989-CB509BD7AACC

Here are a few of the quilts she showed.

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On Tuesday, our workshop was Flat Dyeing for Quilting and we learned Bethany’s technique for dyeing a stack of fabrics between layers of plastic. We poured on Procion MX dyes from jugs and squished colour around, experimenting as we went. Just look at that lineup of colour!

On Wednesday, we switched gears completely and used gelatin plates for printing on fabric or paper. The most well known brand of these plates are Gelli Plates. Here is a link to their video on printing on fabrics. We had 17 people in this workshop and we were able to provide a gelatin plate (8’x12″ or 9″x9″) and a brayer for everyone. We bought our gelatin powder at the Bulk Barn with a 50% discount coupon and the glycerin and alcohol in 1L bottles at the pharmacy and used a $1 foam painting roller with a covering of plumbing pipe so the kit cost us about $18 each!

Assembly line production of gelatin plates!


We used both paper and fabric for our printing. Bethany had lots of things to help with adding texture.

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Bethany was a great teacher and teaches many other workshops. Maybe she should come back……….

May Meeting Links


Did you enjoy our meeting with Bethany Garner? Wasn’t she an inspiration? You can read more about her on her blog and follow her on Facebook as Lise Garner. You can find out more about SAQA, the Studio Art Quilt Associates here. Were you inspired by the small art quilts Bethany brought? I heard a few people mention that they would be interested in a 12”x12” mini-quilt group. Who is interested? Please let your executive or program committee know if you are!

We had 2 days of workshops with Bethany. If you check the TQG Facebook page you can see some photos. Workshop attendees, please bring a couple of your favourite pieces to our June meeting to show and tell. Will anyone have a finished project? While we can’t duplicate Bethany’s workshops and her great instruction, we can set up a dyeing and/or a gelatin plate printing session if more people are interested. I am attaching the handout where you will find basic instructions for using Procion MX dyes.
Special thanks go again to Terry Anderson for having Bethany stay at her house. If we had not had a volunteer for billeting Bethany, our workshops would have lost money. Or we would not have been able to supply the gelatin plates for such a low cost. Thanks to Nancy for her plastic sheets for the tables. I plan to use mine again. And thanks to Jill for making the gelatin plates and for proofreading everything that goes out to you!
The next Joy of Stitching is Monday, June 3 at Joy’s Bakery in Simcoe. For those who have never come before, it is a get-together to do some hand stitching (fabric or yarn) for a couple hours, with coffee or tea and some treats, for $5. Starts at 6:30. It is a great way to get to know other members. More and more attendees are working on English Paper Piecing!
Our June 10th meeting is our Strawberry Social and Yard Sale. For $5 you can have your own 1/2 table. 7 tables are spoken for and if you are interested please let us know before the meeting so we can set up a table for you. If you don’t want your own table, how about doing some housecleaning in your sewing area and donating items you don’t love anymore to the guild table. Cheryl Arkison has a blog post on Marie Kondo-ing your sewing room here. If you have firm thoughts on what price your items need to fetch, please price them.
Do you have a Kaffe Fasset project to show at our June meeting? I am hoping to get my quilt sandwich made this weekend. There will be at least one prize!
The library has bought new AccuQuilt Dies for the MakerSpace in Simcoe. They include: Equilateral Triangle 4.5”, Strip Cutter – Can cut 1 each of 1’, 1.5” and 2”  (Great for scraps!), Apple Core 6.25”, Clamshell 8”, Square Multi 4.5” – Cuts 4 4.5” squares with no waste
Bev also bought new mats. If you are cutting and find threads that don’t cut, or the mat looks really beat up and you are not getting perfect cuts, you should look for a new mat. If you don’t see one, please ask the library staff for one.
The new AccuQuilt die that cuts 1 each of 1’. 1.5” and 2” unfinished strips would be very useful for making quilts like Bethany’s.

April Links

Here are some links from our meeting on Monday.

Our speaker next meeting is Bethany Garner from Kingston. Come and see some art quilts and learn about dyeing your own fabric.
The next Joy of Stitching is Monday, May 6 at Joy’s Bakery in Simcoe. For those who have never come before, it is a get-together to do some hand stitching (fabric or yarn) for a couple hours ,with coffee or tea and some treats, for $5. Starts at 6:30. It is a great way to get to know other members.

Inspired by Julie Bosgoed’s and Terry Anderson’s Anthologie Quilts, a modern/traditional sampler quilt full of patchwork and piecing techniques with a little boho flair, go to the Anthology quilt-along for the free pattern.

Jill sent the page/pattern that she and Julie and Karen used to make their Foundation Paper Pieced house blocks. It is attached as a PDF. Be sure to print it at 100% and check the measurements because they learned that even when printed at full size, different printers can give different results.

How to sew Drunkard’s Path blocks without pins! Ebony sews with the “L” on the bottom. Watch here

I have attached the listing of all the AccuQuilt Dies at the Norfolk County Public Library and the cutting guide for them.. And the “Simple HST Quilt Tutorial” that will walk you through everything you need to know to use the Go Big Electric cutter in the MakerSpace. If you are interested in making a quilt for Marguerite to take to Mexico next winter, why not try it. You can use any fabrics you have on hand. Civil War fabrics will make a serviceable quilt. It doesn’t have to be baby material.

See you in May! Have fun quilting!



January Links

Here is  a complete write up of the instructions for using our InkTense Pencils and our Indigo and Procion MX Dyeing. With step by step directions for using the Procion MX dyes.

Joy of Quilting will be on Monday, February 4 at Joy’s Bakery in Simcoe. Let Monica know if you are interested.

Our Vice President’s Retreat will be on Saturday February 9 and Sunday, February 10 at the Port Dover Library. 9:30-4ish. $20 each day includes lunch. Contact Terry Anderson for more information.

Our next meeting will be Monday, February 11. Michelle Dunn from Kallisti Quilts will be telling us about her South African and Japanese fabrics and her Sashiko kits. You can read more here. Bring some cash or your cards in case you want to buy some fabric, patterns or her kits.

Our Beth Garner dyeing workshops are on Tuesday May 14 and Wednesday May 15 at the Vittoria Community Centre. Non-member can now sign up. $55 each day and $15 supplies each day. Flat Dyeing to Quilt and Gelli Printing are the topics.

Our Camp Trillium Retreat is Friday, November 1 to Sunday November 3. $200 includes all your meals and 2 nights accommodation in the cabins. We have 25 people signed up already. We will start taking your $100 deposits at the March meeting.

Mary’s joining binding tutorial is here. It covers the whole binding process so scroll through most of it to see the joining part.

Here is a 4 minute video that shows another easy method. You use the end snip from your binding to cut your overlap.And a simple diagonal fold makes a really easy join.

Patti showed her quilt with custom cut name letters on the back. Patti used her Cricut Explore Air 2 cutter. Here is a little video that describes the process. There are lots of alphabets and object files to chose from. All of the MakerSpaces at the Norfolk library have Cricuts, but maybe not the same model. They are used more for scrapbooking and cutting paper.