Lana Thomson – October 18th, 2021

Our October meeting is always the Monday after Thanksgiving! Join us on Monday, October 18th at 7pm for our second meeting of the year when a local quilt shop, Quilt Junction, will be featured. We are looking forward to a very large show and tell as well. We will have members projects to show from last year’s ModernBOM, our MiniMod Swap, our Summer QuiltConcert Quilt Along and our Ice Dyeing Workshop as well members finished UFOs!

Quilt Junction is a quaint fabric shop housed in the historic train station of Waterford, ON.  Lana is in her 11th year as owner/operator of the business.  She and her team endeavour to provide inspiring samples, patterns and ideas for their clients.  In pre covid times she and her team offered  workshops ranging from beginner classes to advanced level sew alongs.  “We strive to offer the latest fabric collections, the nifty new notions and the most recent books and patterns on the market.”

Lana’s presentation, My Favourite Things, will feature some of the favourite techniques and tools she likes to use with hand applique and paper piecing.  The presentation will also include a tour of the shop so you’ll see some of the newest collections in stock.  

Please send your show and tell photos before Sunday night at 6pm to Here is our post with the photo instructions!

It is not to late to join our guild. Payment details can be found here and you can print out the program PDF from this link.

Fidget Quilt Update

Here is an update from Monica Thompkins who is coordinating this community sewing project!

“We are meeting at the Port Dover Library on Sunday, September 19th at 9am to sew Fidget quilts. I have put together some supplies, but I ask that you bring the background fabric, enough for a 9 block fidget quilt. I started out with 10 inch blocks and trimmed down to 9-ish inches. My fidget quilt ended up being 27 x 28 inches. It’s a generous size. If you wish to iron on a stabilizer to the background fabric you will not need a batting. The stabilizer and flannel back seems to be enough.  If you do not have stabilizer then a batting is recommended to support the trinkets we are sewing on. 

We still have 3 more spots available for anyone who would like to come (and is double vaccinated)! Janice Youngson, Diane Luke and Nancy Racz have all donated supplies like some flannel backing and trinkets for the fidgets.

In our quest to find out the needs in the community, we were also asked to make some lap/wheelchair quilts for the local long term care homes. We hopefully will be meeting at the library in October to make up some of these lap quilts. I Googled wheelchair quilts and they seem to run about 30-36 x 36-40 inches. You don’t want wheelchair quilts too wide as they can mess up the wheels. Throw quilts can be any size!

If you would like to join us on September 19th, please email We will let you know the October date in a bit. If you have a quilt in your stash that seems about the right size, please consider donating. They seem quick and easy to do. We can do it! Let’s support these homes that do not regularly get donations.  

We are also looking for some patterns for adult bibs!

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to sewing together on September 19th. Monica”

Karen Brown on Monday Night

Our Twilight Quilters’ Guild Program Committee has had Karen Brown of “Just Get It Done Quilts” booked for over a year! It’s almost time now! Monday, September 13 at 7pm! Membership for the year is only $35 or you can buy a guest pass for Karen’s presentation, “Be the Best Quilter you can Be!” for only $10! Please purchase by Sunday 6pm so we can get the Zoom link to you! Details here!

Karen has a great YouTube channel with 267,000 subscribers! Are you one of them?

This screenshot above of her most recent videos shows the diversity of her content types. Great interviews with very interesting quilters, YouTube live sessions on Tips and Tricks, short clips on common topics and useful features for newer and experienced quilters!

This second screenshot shows some of her most popular videos. I love my diagonal masking tape on my square rulers, for trimming HSTs! So fast and accurate when you hit that corner everytime!

“Sew a Jelly Roll Day”!

Moda, the inventor of the jelly roll, has designated Saturday, September 18th as “National Sew A Jelly Roll Day”. Completely self promoting, but wouldn’t it be fun to sew together? We can, through the magic of Zoom! And our Sit and Sew anytime Zoom link!

Maybe you already have a roll of 2.5” strips on hand. Maybe you have another brand of strips. You can cut your own strips or find a jelly roll at our sponsoring quilt shops!

The Fat Quarter Shop has a bunch of free, and quick, jelly roll patterns!

And if you search for “free jelly roll quilt patterns” on either Google or Pinterest, you are bound to find at least one you want to make!

September is the best time to join a quilting guild. $35 for the year for all our meetings and activities! Details on paying your membership fee are here! See you soon!

Norfolk County Fair Quilting Competitions

The competition book is out! It is only online this year, not printed. Click here to see the booklet with only the quilting. Inside you can find directions on the rules and how to enter online. The deadline for entries is September 25th.

Our Twilight Quilters’ Guild is offering a prize for a Quilt, exhibitor’s choice. The Norfolk County Quilters’ Guild prize is for a Quilt, pieced. Kernel Peanuts is offering a prize for a Quilt, pieced, machine quilted. Quilt Junction’s prize is for My First Quilt, and it can be made in the last 5 years! And Terry Anderson of Potter’s Creek Quilting started a new class for an Art Quilt! Plus, there are lots of other classes for other kinds of quilts.

You can find the entire booklet with all the competitions here!

How to Submit Quilt Photos for Show and Tell

It’s so great to see so many members’ projects! 

For each piece of work, please email one overall photo and one or more close-up photos. Photos taken in the landscape orientation (sideways on your phone) and with natural light work best. Please email your photos to The deadline is 6:00 p.m. on the Sunday prior to the Monday meeting!

Here are some tips if you would like to take your photos to the next level, say for posting on Instagram and Facebook!

  • You don’t need an expensive camera – any point and shoot will do… you can even do it with your cell phone’s camera if that’s all you have!
  • Good light is important – if you can, take the quilt outside to photograph… however, sunny days will create lots of shadows, so best to do it on a cloudy day
  • If you must do the photography inside, take the photos during the day in a naturally lit room
  • Create a ‘story’ around your quilt
  • Add props… for example, if it’s a baby quilt, place a teddy bear or baby rattle on or nearby
  • If your props include candles, light them… but make sure the wax doesn’t drip on your quilt
  • Use props, but… make the quilt the focal point, not the props
  • Zoom in on some of the detail of the quilt. If you need to get a close-up of the detail of the quilt (a specific block or the machine quilting) … you can use a tripod or place your camera on a solid surface so the ‘shakes’ don’t blur the image
  • Include at least one border in the photograph

Fidget Quilt Sewing Day

Monica is looking for 10 volunteers (who are double vaccinated!) to come to the Port Dover library on Sunday, September 19th for a Charity Sewing Day. We are going to be making Fidget Quilts for local retirement homes and we have been asked to make 25 of them. They will be going to the retirement homes in Simcoe, Waterford, Port Dover and Delhi.

Monica has assembled lots of textured fabrics, ribbons, zippers, fringe, rickrack, strapping, rock fabric and Bosal interfacing to make it poofy. We’ve been asked not to use any plastic, as that may not stand up in an industrial washing machine. There should be enough to make 10 of these nine-patch fidget quilts using her supplies. 

What would be great is if participants could bring 9-10″x10″ pieces of brightly coloured background fabric with a stabilizer on the back. Or one solid piece of about 30″x30″ fabric. Also a piece of batting and backing. It is highly recommended that we use flannel on the back to avoid the quilt slipping off the resident’s laps.  

Monica will also be having another day in October, hopefully to sew lap quilts!

So in short. September 19th, 9am at the Port Dover Public Library for this fun, community-need driven sew day. If you have ribbons or textured fabric, large buttons and zippers, please bring them with background fabric on stabilizer, batting and flannel backing. And your sewing machine and the basic supplies.

If you are interested, please send an email to We will take the first 10 double vaccinated volunteers!

Karen Brown – September 13

Please join us on Monday, September 13 at 7 p.m. when we kick off our Zoom year with Karen Brown!

Nearly 15 years ago Karen began to quilt to escape from work stress. Beginning with minor knowledge of quilting, it wasn’t until Karen joined a stitch’n’chat group with her cousin that she gained the confidence to finish her first sampler quilt. With the quilt top completed, she wanted to utilize all the scraps and orphan blocks, thus creating her first AFTERQUILT improv project.

Karen realized her tastes were more modern, so she joined the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild. She has participated in two Quiltcons, making numerous friends along the way. She also began making more complicated quilts; gaining new skills with each project.

In 2018, Karen volunteered to make a video for a guild block lotto challenge. Even though she didn’t know how to film and edit, she was committed to the process and teaching herself filmmaking. These videos lead to her YouTube channel, Just Get it Done Quilts.

Just Get it Done Quilts became a way for Karen to help quilters decipher all the rules and mix messages they receive. Karen’s videos examine various quilting problems and then suggest solutions. She also aids viewers in understanding colour theory.

In this rapidly changing world, Karen wants to help fellow quilters find the calm in their hobby, recharge and empower them to be the best they can be.

Karen is all over Social Media and you can find her on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and her own website!

You can find a PDF of all our upcoming programs here! Our annual membership is only $35! A guest pass for this meeting is $10. You can find details on how to send your etransfer here!

Our 2021-2022 Program Lineup!

September 13, 2021 Karen Brown – Just Get It Done Quilts 
“Be the Best Quilter You Can Be”
October 2,3, 2021Global Quilt Connection All Star Virtual Sampler Platter
October 18, 2021Lana Thomson – Quilt Junction
“My Favourite Things”
November 8, 2021Sylvia Schaefer – Flying Parrot Quilts 
“Science Quilts”
November 13, 2021Seasonal Workshop, taught by members
December 13, 2021Christa Watson – Christa Quilts
“How Do I Quilt That?”
January 10, 2022Shannon Fraser – Shannon Fraser Designs    
“Finding Your Creative Practice Through the 100-Day Project”
January 29, 30, 2022Vice President’s Weekend
February 14, 2022Cheryl Arkison – CherylArkison
“Scraps vs. Scrappy”
March 14, 2022Tamara Serra –Tamara Kate
“For the Love of Colour”
April 11, 2022Brandy Maslowski – Quilter on Fire     
“A Quilter’s Journey”
April 29, 30, May 1, 2022Camp Trillium Retreat
May 9, 2022Candy Grisham – ICandyFiberArt 
“Reimagined Dresdens ”
May 16, 2022Dresden Plate Workshop
June 13, 2022In Person Party 

Click here for a Program PDF you can print!

As we enter another year, where it is still important to be safe and protected from COVID-19, the program for our Twilight Quilters’ Guild will remain in a virtual format. We have made every effort to bring you the best program we can in the comfort of your own home. We have been able to contract speakers from as far away as Missouri and as close to home as Waterford. Each speaker will bring their unique ideas, the use of colour and interesting themes to explore for that special project. We encourage you to join us via Zoom and invite friends you know who quilt to join the Guild to get the best experience possible.

We are thrilled to host Western Canada Quilters Cheryl Arkison and Brandy Maslowki, Shannon Fraser and Tamara Kate from Montreal and Candy Grisham, Sylvia Schaefer and Christa Watson from the USA. Candy will also be running a workshop for us in late May, showing us how to make a reimagined Dresden plate pattern. And we will kick it all off with Ontario’s Karen Brown!

In the program PDF we have provided you with a link to each speaker so you can learn about them before they present. This will give you a taste of what’s to come and whet your appetite. Share this with other quilters to tease them with our program and encourage them to join us.

We have enjoyed putting this program together, bringing you high quality quilt masters with their unique spin on the craft. We look forward to having you join us each month to enjoy this exciting program.

Our membership fee for the year is $35 and our guest fees will generally be $10/meeting. We have several workshops planned and more will probably pop up! We are booked for a Vice President’s weekend at the end of January and a weekend retreat at Camp Trillium the last weekend in April. So, if you see a couple speakers you’d like to see and you’d like to take a workshop or 2, your yearly membership is paid by guest fees.

You can find the instructions for paying your fees here!😢

How to send us money!

When you are ready to join the Twilight Quilters’ Guild or if you want to buy a guest pass for a meeting, it is easy to do it with an etransfer! These instructions can always be found under the “Fees” tab at the top.

To pay your membership, guest or workshop fee, please do the following:
1. Send an etransfer through your online banking to Twilight Quilt Guild or
2. Tell us your name, email address and telephone number. We need to be able to send you follow up information 
3. Please tell us if your payment is for membership, guest fees or a workshop, specifying the meeting or the workshop you are interested in

If your online banking does not give you the option to give us the information above, please send an email to with that information.

If you can’t do an e-transfer, please send an email to for cheque mailing instructions. 

Our membership fees are $35 for our year, September to August. Guest fees are generally $10/meeting.