Don’t miss out! Join the Twilight Quilters’ Guild!

Our next meeting is next Monday night, October 19th. If you’ve been thinking of joining our guild, do it now! Don’t miss anything else! We have had more than a dozen new members join us this year! Welcome everyone!!! Some are former members rejoining, from near and far. Several are friends from the Norfolk County Quilters’ Guild. And some are new friends from guilds that haven’t embraced virtual meetings, yet! Do you have a Quilty friend who might join?

Our Zoom meeting is Scrappy Sew and So! The instructions for our Modern BOM will come out at the meeting. We have 5 spots left in our Krista Hennebury Speed Date with Improv Workshop on Saturday, November 7! And we have both afternoon and evening Sit and Sews organized.

To join, follow the directions in our FAQ section. $35 for the year!

A link to our Zoom meeting will come out by email from our secretary Monica!

Please note: Our Workshops in May with Bill Stearman have been cancelled.

Our next Zoom meeting Monday, October 19 – Scrappy Sew and So

Scrappy Sew and So is a young, dynamic duo is made up of two Quilty BFF’s. Eve Graham, a high school teacher and Melissa Vens, a nurse, have known each other since they were 12 years old. They are going to be speaking to us about the Dear Jane International quilt along that they have just finished up. And also sharing a trunk show of their work. Instagram is the best place to see their current works. Eve is @instagrhm26 and Melissa is @melly2468007 and Scrappy Sew and So is @scrappysewandso. Just Google “Scrappy Sew and So” and you will find their website and YouTube channel! You can log into Instagram with your Facebook account!

Please note that our meeting is one week later than usual, because of Thanksgiving. “Doors open” at 6:30 and the meeting starts at 7pm. See you then!

Monday Afternoon Sit and Sew and “Speed Date with Improv Workshop”

At our Sit and Sew last Monday night, there were 3 leaders and no members. We are going to try another afternoon session and see if we have better turnout! Here is the Zoom link to the meeting tomorrow, September 28th. 1-3 pm. If you have trouble logging in once the meeting has started, you can email

And have a look at the top of the sidebar on the right. Our upcoming meetings will be listed there, for easy reference.

We have 18 members signed up for our “Speed Date with Improv Workshop” on November 7. 10 am until 4:30 pm. $40. Email Diane L if you want to register. On Wednesday we will open registration up to Norfolk County Quilters’ Guild members. Krista Hennebury just presented this workshop to the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild and you can see some photos and comments on Instagram #speeddatewithimprov

“In this fast-paced and fun workshop, Krista will guide you through 8 improv piecing techniques and lots of great tips to support your new or ongoing improv quiltmaking practice. Colour, scale and timing are all controlled parameters so you can freely create without stress or obsessing with perfection. Learn to free-cut without rulers, piece curves without pins and puzzle wonky shapes together by “building-out” instead of “squaring-up” and “After each video segment, students get about 20-30 minutes to try each technique”.

Every student will end up with a unique, original quilt (wall hanging or table topper size)! The focus here is to explore line, shape and happenstance in abstract design, so keep things simply graphic by using solid-coloured fabrics in black, white and one pop of colour. In the afternoon, we’ll work together on the design wall to jigsaw the improv elements together, seeking balance and creative design opportunities. Some pre-cutting is required.”

Last Night’s Sit and Sew

Did you try to join in but have trouble? While Karen, Jill, and Vicki had a lovely virtual visit, we know one person was not able to connect. Not sure what the problem was/is but we will try to correct it! Please email if you couldn’t connect.

Are you interested in daytime sit and sews? A number of members are. Again, please email if you are. What about next Monday, September 28th? 1-3 pm.

Zig Zag – Our September Modern BOM

Are you joining us? Our September block is Zig Zag. We are using a block of the month program that was designed by the Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild, back in 2012. They very generously made it available to anyone. And in 2017, the Oakville Quilters’ Guild ran it AND converted all the Knoxville files from photos to PDFs. Thanks so much. That’s why you see their names on the top of the PDF!
Here is the link to that printable PDF!

Our member, Sandra Croley, is leading us with these blocks, during our monthly meetings and with a blog just for this Mod BOM. You can find that blog here. Unsure about fabric selections? Sandra has a blog post about that also, here!

How much fabric do you need? The completed quilt is about 44″ x 58″. You will need about 2 yards of Background fabric, 6 – 10 FQs for the blocks, 1 yard for the sashing, 0.75 yard for the binding and 2.5 yards for the backing.   

To follow everyone’s progress, follow #tqgmodernbom on Instagram. Show us your fabric pulls, ask questions, see what your fellow quilters are doing. Not on Instagram? Now is the time!

Tips for Great Zoom Meetings

We are all getting better at Zoom! People are getting on more easily and are learning how to mute and unmute themselves easily. Chatting is getting easier. Meetings are happening all over and we are able to enjoy the benefits of this whole virtual thing. We can see the quilts really closely and we are in charge of our own volume! No more yelling “I can’t hear you”! or “Use the microphone!”

If you haven’t used Zoom a lot you may want to try a Zoom test meeting. Go to and start a meeting. It will want you to download the Zoom app, either on your computer or tablet. We are going to be using Zoom for the foreseeable future so now might be the time to download it. But you can also select “join from your browser”, and run it without the app. You don’t need a Zoom account, but it is free and easy. And it will remember your virtual background and always “touch up your appearance” if you select that. When you are in your test meeting, check and see where the mute and un-mute buttons are, where to stop and start video, where to find the Chat section and how to do Reactions. These very important buttons are in different spots depending on which device you are using. So please take a minute to find them and write down where they are. On tablets, you might have to touch the centre of your screen to get them to pop up. Now is a good time to find the icon to switch from gallery view to active speaker.

For a quilting guild meeting , where you want to see the presentation and the quilts, think about using your biggest screen possible. A laptop should allow you to see 25 others, a tablet might be limited to 9. You can do a Zoom meeting on your smart phone, but wouldn’t it be great on your smart TV? You have more controls available on the bigger devices.

If you are having connectivity problems, like your video is blurry or your sound goes in and out, get as close to your modem/router as possible! You won’t be the only one in your laundry room, I can guarantee it! It is also possible to plug your laptop or tablet into the router for an even better connection. You will just need an Ethernet adapter cable. And possibly a virtual background! More on that below!

The Zoom platform is set up for horizontal display, so it is best to tip your tablet sideways, so you can see the full screen view. Laptops are already set for this. You will need to have a full battery or be able to plug in.

What if you feel self conscious and don’t want people seeing your face during the meetings? No problem! You can put in a profile photo, of you or a quilt or anything, and if you don’t turn your video on, people will only see that! Here is a link on how to do it! You will need a Zoom account

You can also set a virtual background, so others don’t see your messy room behind you. You can pick one of the Zoom photos or use one of your own. If you are interested in this, just google “How do I do a Zoom virtual background on my _________ (iPad or whatever you have)? Or check out the Zoom Help Section here.

For Show and Share, please send your photos to Take your photos sideways (landscape) if using your phone or tablet. Try to use natural light. Zoom in for some closeups! And send your photos the largest size possible. Please submit your photos by the Sunday prior to the meeting. Your Zoom Team has lots to do to get ready for each meeting so please give them time to get the slideshow ready. You will be asked to un-mute yourself to speak about your quilt when it comes up.

During the meeting, we will mute everyone. So we don’t hear every cough and dog bark. And so that you can sew along on your machine while the meeting is going, without disturbing anyone! But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear from you. Simply un-mute to ask your questions. We will have one of our Zoom Team Members monitoring the Chat comments, so if you have a question and you don’t want to interrupt, type it into the Chat box and we will get to it. You can ask the guest speaker questions this way!

This is a lot of words, but every one is important and is here so we can have awesome Zoom meetings! See you on Monday night!

Melissa Marginet, September 14, 2020

Our first Zoom speaker this year is Melissa Marginet and her presentation is “Get your Motor Running !” “Learn how to spark creativity in yourself or in your guild with challenges that will have everyone thinking outside the box. This trunk show has more ideas than you will know what to do with to get everyone not only learning new techniques but building their quilting and creative confidence.” Doesn’t that sound perfect for these strange times?

Check Melissa out at all these places!

Author: Walking Foot Quilting Designs / Edge-to-Edge Walking Foot Quilting Designs


Instagram: @melissamarginet

Facebook: Melissa Marginet – Quilter


Our meeting will start at 7pm but the “doors” will open at 6:30 so you can get connected on Zoom and visit with your quilty friends! Watch for your September quild email for the Zoom meeting link. Want to be a guest? E-transfer $5 following the directions in the FAQs above.

Our Modern Block of the Month

We have selected this modern block of the month for our sew along this year. It was designed by the Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild in 2012 and has been run at many guilds over the years. Sandra Croley will be leading us on this adventure and she has a started a new blog just for it, and us! Check it out here. At each meeting, we will let you know which block we are making that month. There will be a blog post that night with the links to Sandra’s blog and the PDF directions. We have set up a hashtag on Instagram so that you can follow everyone’s progress!

The completed quilt is about 44″ x 58″. You will need about 2 yards of Background fabric, 6 – 10 FQs for the blocks, 1 yard for the sashing, 0.75 yard for the binding and 2.5 yards for the backing.   

It is Time to Join! We are Starting! We’ve Gone Virtual!

A message from our President, Terry Anderson

2020! The year where everything is different! If life gives you scraps, make quilts!! I am sure every Guild member has heard that message before. It works for us, and what beautiful scrap quilts we make!

What we don’t have right now, and perhaps won’t have for some time, is a safe way for all of us to be together, face to face, in one room. As president, I really miss seeing everyone. So, we will do the next best thing. We are going to have all our upcoming meetings on Zoom.

The Twilight Quilters’ Guild is doing everything in their power to keep the guild going and reach as many members as possible. Think of all the positives as you join us from the comfort of your own home with no night time driving and you don’t have to get dressed below your camera angle!

The programs this year are fabulous! And we have a great Zoom committee ready to help you connect on Zoom! If you’re still not comfortable doing it on your own, what about a Zoom Buddy? With the proper health precautions, two members could be together and attend the meeting either on a shared device or using an extra one. Let us know if this would work for you and we will try and set you up with a buddy if you need one.

Have you tried one of our Zoom sessions? Sometimes, it is tricky to get your device set up with audio and video. In August we are having Zoom Sit and Sew sessions every week. Every time, someone has an Eureka moment! They got on and they saw their Quilty friends!

Stay connected! Join the fun on Zoom meetings and Virtual Sit and Sews. If you can’t do zoom, we are also having a fun Block of the month too. The blocks will be posted on the guild website after each meeting. Be sure to check it out at
Let’s keep the gang together!  Terry

Colleen Homme is all set up to take your $35 membership fee by e-transfer or by cheque made out to Twilight Quilters’ Guild. For e-transfer, use the guild financial email address Please make your security question “What is our President’s first name?” And TerryA as the answer. Please include your name. So far, 15 members have paid. If Colleen has your money by 9 pm on Monday, August 31, you will be entered into a draw for a $20 gift certificate at Cherished Pieces.

Click here to see our speakers for the coming year! We have a great variety of Canadians coming to us!

Don’t forget we are having Zoom Sit and Sews every Monday in August. Here is the schedule and the Zoom meeting link. We had 12 members at our session this Monday night.
Monday, August 24, 1 pm – 3 pm
Monday, August 31, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
You were sent a Zoom link for these sit and sews early in August. Email if you would like to receive a Zoom meeting invitation.

We hope to see all our old Quilty friends and some new ones, soon!!